Noel Rappin Writes Here

Noel Rappin is a Principal Software Engineer at Table XI. Before that, Noel was in charge of internal training at Groupon. Before that joining Groupon, Noel was a Senior Consultant at Obtiva, where he led teams on a variety of web development projects for clients. Before that, he did other things, often involving typing.

A well-recognized web developer, Noel has authored multiple technical books including Rails 5 Test Prescriptions, Take My Money, Trust-Driven Development, and Master Space and Time With JavaScript. Noel is also the author or co-author of Professional Ruby on Rails, wxPython in Action, and Jython Essentials.


For the last couple of years I have hosted the Tech Done Right podcast, you can check out all the episodes here, and you can subscribe to it on Apple Podcasts.

I’ve also been a guest on a bunch of podcasts. This is an incomplete list, I think I’m missing a couple:

Greater Than Code: Episode 89Something Something Agile with Noel Rappin”, July 2018

Ruby Testing Podcast: Episode 002. “Noel Rappin, Author of Rails 5 Test Prescriptions”, June 2018.

My Ruby Story 014: Noel Rappin, August 2017

Code Newbie: Episode 131. “Take My Money with Noel Rappin”, March, 2017

LeanPub Podcast, “Noel Rappin, Author of Trust-Driven Development”, March 2017

Full Stack Radio: Episode 58: “Noel Rappin - Fixing Common Payment Handling Mistakes”, February 2017.

Frontside Podcast 047: “Taking Payments on the web with Noel Rappin”, November 2016

Building Programmers 5: “Noel Rappin”, October 2016

Ruby Rogues 281: “Take My Money With Noel Rappin”, October 2016

Greater Than Code: Episode 1: “Taking Payments on the Web with Noel Rappin”, September 2016

Code Newbie: Episode 4: “On Testing with Noel Rappin”, December, 2014

Ruby Rogues 185: “Rails 4 Test Prescriptions”, December 2014

JavaScript Jabber: Episode 30: “Learning and Teaching JavaScript with Noel Rappin”, October 2012

Ruby Rogues 30: Software Craftsmanship: November, 2011

Coderpath: Episode 12: “Noel Rappin”: 2010

Video Talks

Noel gives talks and workshops at conferences around the country. You can see some of Noel’s talks on the web:

The Developer’s Toolkit — RubyConf, November 2018

The Goal of Having Goals — Madison Ruby (Chicago), March 2018

High Cost Tests and High Value Tests (somewhat less Ruby-centric version) — Goto Chicago, August 2018

High Cost Tests and High Value Tests -- RubyConf, November 2017

The Road To Legacy Is Paved With Good Intentions -- WindyCityRails, Sept 2017

Test Doubles Are Not To Be Mocked -- RubyConf, November 2016

Money Makes Your App Go Round -- WindyCityRails, Sept 2016

I Was A Developer Running HR For A Year: AMA -- Madison Ruby Epilogue: 2016

This Talk is 30 Minutes Long (Give or Take 10) -- RubyConf, Nov 2015

Beyond Red/Green/Refactor: Testing as a Mindset -- WindyCityRails, Sept 2015

Estimates and Trust: This Talk is 20 Minutes Long (Give or take 10) -- Madison Ruby, Aug 2015

What We Talk About When We Talk About Testing (Ruby Remote Conf Version) -- Ruby Remote Conf, June 2015

What we talk about when we talk about testing -- Geekfest, March 2015

Trust-Driven Development: Maintaining Trust in Crisis -- Geekfest, June 2014

Panel: Teaching the Next Great Developers -- RailsConf 2014

But Really, You Should Learn Smalltalk -- MountainWest RubyConf 2014

Rails vs. Object Oriented Programming — WindyCityRails 2013

Technical Writing For Fun and... well, For Fun — Geekfest 2013

Rails vs. The Client Side — Rails Conf 2013

Testing Complex Systems: Creating data and limiting scope — Also RailsConf 2013

Testing Should Be Fun — video from RubyConf 2012

Let’s Make Testing Fun Again — from WindyCityRails 2012

Testing Best Practices, from RailsConf 2012.

Manage Your Development Environment and Never Burn another Burger, IgniteRails 2012

Test Your Legacy Rails Code, from Ruby Midwest, 2011.

If They Asked You, You Could Write a Book, from Ignite Rails 2011.

You Got Your Agile in my UXD, from Refresh Chicago, June 2010.

Testing Done Good, from a Chicago Ruby meeting May 2010.

How To Test Absolutely Anything, from WindyCityRails 2009.

Noel has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and User-Centered Design from the College of Computing and the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology and has taught about web development topics around the country.

Follow Noel on Twitter at @noelrap.