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Master Space and Time With JavaScript

Baffled by JavaScript? Want to test JavaScript but you don’t know how? 

Need to learn client side frameworks like Backbone and Ember?

Master Space and Time With JavaScript is a four book series that will help you come to to grips with modern JavaScript, including the JavaScript object model, testing, Backbone, and Ember.

Order all four books — over 400 pages of great JavaScript content — for $25

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The Ember book will be updated at least through the August, 2014 release of Ember.

All updates are free.

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Your questions, answered

Q: What is this book?

Master Space and Time in JavaScript is a four book series aimed at developers who have a basic knowledge of JavaScript but who need to learn about newer tools and practices.

If you poked at JavaScript but haven’t done much with it recently, the tools, libraries, and coding patterns have all changed dramatically. Master Space and Time in JavaScript gives you guidance on how to approach the simple parts of your JavaScript code first and how to manage the complex parts as needed.

Put another way, it’s the JavaScript book I wanted to hand our last apprentice when he asked for a good guide to JavaScript. I’ve also described the audience as people who used JavaScript a few years ago, just got back into it, and aren’t quite sure why everything is an anonymous function these days. It could also be called JavaScript: An Idiosyncratic Guide, as in the thing you use after you have the information in the definitive guide.

Q: What libraries and tools does it cover?

Primarily jQuery, Backbone.js, and Ember.js. I’m open to another framework if there’s a lot of interest. Plus the Chrome developer tools. And, of course, Jasmine and QUnit for Ember testing.

Q: Does the book cover testing?

Every piece of code in the book is described test-first. The book has more Jasmine than a Disney princess convention.

Q: When will it be available?

All four books are on sale now. The books are complete, and will be updated to most recent versions of tools during 2014.

Q: What about the pricing and other goodies?

Book one is free for nothing.

Book two, three, and four will be available individually for $10 each. They are all about 100 to 120 pages of content.

There’s an available bundle that gives you all four books. The bundle is $25.

If you’d like a site license, or would for some other reason like to give me more money, contact me at, and we’ll work something out.